Free foot and ankle clinic in Grand Junction

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. If you are experiencing foot and ankle pain you are not alone. Grand Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic is offering assistance, and it is all for free.

Grand Valley Foot and Ankle held a free clinic where they gave community members free clinical screenings and exams. The clinic says people in an area like Grand Junction are very active so they often see many sport related injuries that people may have not have been aware of.

“We can kind of give back to the community, and afford people the opportunity for an initial screening for something that can be treatable or that they can prevent,” said Doctor Charles Daniel.

Many people think having foot and ankle pain is just a part of getting old, but according to Doctor Daniel the reality is that many discomforts can be treated.

Grand Valley Foot and Ankle plans to continue the free clinics and will hold the next set of free examinations in October.

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