Killer Tumbleweeds Attack; Movie by Butch McCain

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Killer tumbleweeds are attacking Middle America; well that's according to a mockumentary put together by 11–News's very own Butch McCain.

In the no budget spoof of the Killer Tomatoes genre "Killer Tumbleweeds", a group of scientists genetically engineer killer tumbleweeds to kill terrorists in the Middle East, but the tumbleweeds somehow escape in Middle America.

11-News Weatherman Butch McCain stars in the movie as the sheriff of Middle America and produced the picture along with his brother Ben McCain; who also stars, wrote and directed the film. It took them five years to complete with the help of people all over the world.

Butch McCain says, "our philosophy is that we can get what we want if we help enough people get what they want, and a lot of people wanted to help with this movie." Scenes were filmed all over including Japan, Alaska, Italy, Washington D.C., New Mexico and even right here on the Western Slope.

McCain says about 80 people helped with making the film that took five years to complete. He also says that the film has got quite the cult following and he hopes to see the movie released soon in video stores across America.

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