Bed Bugs Can't Hide From Macaroni

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Good night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite. Just an old saying right? Apparently not. Walter Penny with Colorado Bed Bug says, "A bed bug is a wingless insect that basically feeds on human blood."

Penny says, "The short rule of thumb is any place people rest or sleep that could be a harboring place for bed bugs."
Enter a dog named Macaroni, Mac is trained to sniff out bed bugs.
"It's an impressive nose," says Penny.
The salvation army gets dozens of mattress donated to them.
We chose one for a test run with Macaroni. After a few passes around the bed Mac's nose says it all. Penny says, "Say this was a room I would say its alert free." That means this bed is bug free but we still needed to test Mac's nose.

Penny produced two vials. "I've got some (bed bugs), we are gonna put them in the corner of the bed and then see if we can get him to alert on that." And the search begins again. "Show me, show me, show me Mac, good boy.... What Mac was showing us is a vial of bed bugs."
Macaroni quickly found the hidden vial of bugs.

Penny says, "Unfortunately just cause they are called bed bugs that doesn't mean they are always going to be in the bed." Bed bugs can be found in couches, curtains and even head boards and are often brought home after a vacation or trip. "Don't put your luggage next to you near the bed or night stand," says Penny.

And don't worry the Salvation Army treats all their mattresses for bed bugs before they are sold, leaving Macaroni to sniff out the rest and letting you sleep soft and sound.

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