Street Crimes Team Nabs Pot In Big Bust

A Fruitvale man tries to talk his way out of drug charges, but sheriff's investigators don't go for his story.

Members of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office Street Crimes Overlap Team were tipped off to a number of marijuana plants being grown in a backyard garden after getting a search warrant two plants were discovered, one five feet wide and four feet tall. Another four pounds of bagged marijuana was found in the refrigerator.

Glen Birt, a resident of the home offered investigators an explanation that the marijuana was for personal use, but Sheriff's Office PIO Norma Mestas says the explanation didn't fool anyone.

Birt is in custody and will face charges of cultivating marijuana, possession of more than eight ounces

birt is charged with cultivation of marijuana... possession of more than eight ounces... and intent to distribute...
all are felonies.