Meth Ring Leader Sentenced

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The king pin of this major drug distribution ring will spend more than two decades behind bars.

He was partly responsible for organizing the illegal operation and now Stephen Parsons will spend twenty four years in the Department of Corrections.

Back in August, Parsons plead guilty to distribution of a controlled substance and one count of conspiracy, linked to his involvement as the ring leader of the Western Slopes largest meth ring ever. Parsons was arrested last March during the multi–agency operation Zamboni, which spread from Colorado Springs to Phoenix, Arizona.

Officials believe anywhere from five to ten pounds of meth was transported by the group per month. This operation led to the arrest more than 30 people including parsons two adult sons, one which received a sentence of three years back in September. Stephen Parsons also received five years of parole, and he will have to pay nearly thirty five hundred dollars in fines and costs.