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For years wine in America has been synonymous with California, but what most people don’t know is that at the turn of the century, the landscape of the Western Slope of Colorado was actually littered with grapevines that winegrowers brought over from the old world, but during prohibition all those vines were rooted up.

Flash forward to today and trends are showing that wine is getting ready to make a huge comeback in Colorado. Mike Chariton, owner of planet wines, stocks his store with wines from all over the world. And since it opened, he’s been holding classes to help educate and encourage novice wine connoisseurs, “I want my customers to be adventurous about wine. When they come in the store I want them to want to try new things. The more they learn about wine the more curious they are to try new things and find out that a lot of different wines have a place in their life,” says Chariton.

Chariton and senior wine instructor, Tynan Sevetecc, plan on taking those who attend the classes on a tour across Europe, California, and Colorado through not only great food and drink, but also the history and cultural background behind each wine.

Sevetec says, “It’s time to reconnect with the things that are important and those are family, culture, food, the things that really make us happy as human beings I think at the end of the day. And wine is a vehicle for all of that.”

Each class starts with an introduction to the geography, time period, and people groups that developed each featured wine. Then the fun begins as students are challenged to taste, smell and pair 6 different wines from that area with different foods. Chariton and Sevetecc want to encourage people to try new drinks from all over the pricing and geographical spectrum, but ultimately they it’s important to simply, drink what you like.

Planet Wines has 8 different classes lined up for the summer at $50 a piece. Wednesday May 20th they are holding an introduction to French wines class at the Hampton Inn on Main St., and the following week they will be featuring the wines of California.

To sign up for a class call 424-5432 or click the link below this story.

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