Toilet Paper Debate Finally Solved

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When it comes to toilet paper everyone agrees you have to have it. One thing people don't agree on however is if the paper should come off the top of the roll or the bottom. Now a local inventor says his creation will settle the argument once and for all.

Behind closed doors, in bathrooms across America, trouble is brewing. "You go into the restroom the paper is backwards from what you want and everybody argues," says Rocky Hutson about how he first got the idea for his new invention.

His new invention hopes to solve the age old question, should you pull the double quilted cleaner from the top of the roll or the bottom? Hutson says, about his personal preference, "Oh me, I'm top."

For Hutson, top was the natural choice, but his wife thought different. That led to one thing, "Arguing with the wife," says Hutson. So he decided to do something about it.

"I went out in the garage and 20 minutes later I had the first one built," says, Hutson. He called it the PT Swivel. It’s a quick and easy way to rotate the roll to access the paper from either the top or the bottom. Basically it’s an L shaped attachment, with the toilet roll inserted over the long part of the L. The short part attaches to a plate that can be screwed into the wall. However the short part of the L can rotate on its end pointing the roll either left or right.

A simple idea, says Hutson, so he decided to patent it. Now Hutson sells most of his TP Swivels on line at But Saturday, he headed out to the World's Biggest Yard Sale a the Mesa County Fairgrounds, hoping to generate some more interest.

Hutson would ultimately like to sell the patent to his invention and see it mass produced, but for now he's just happy to flush the age old question, top or bottom. One TP swivel at a time.

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