Colorado Right to Life Kicked Out of National Group

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Denver (AP) Colorado Right to Life has been kicked out of the National Right to Life Coalition after publicly criticizing Focus on the Family Founder James Dobson.

The Colorado group and three others accused Dobson of misrepresenting a Supreme Court decision that upheld a ban on late-term abortions, referred to as partial-birth abortion by opponents.

Dobson has praised the ruling as a victory for abortion foes.
But Colorado Right to Life believes the decision will only encourage doctors to find other methods. Last month, the group joined in running full-page ads in at least two newspapers criticizing Dobson.

The National Right to Life said today that it disagreed with the ad. It said its rules require state affiliates to be in line the national group's objectives.

National Right to Life has chosen Colorado Citizens for Life/Protecting Life Now as its new state affiliate.

Colorado Right to Life says it's talking to other groups to associate with.