Pink rig drilling to raise money for breast cancer

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PARACHUTE, Colo. (KKCO) - It’s big, pink, costs more than $1 million and is raising money for breast cancer research every day. This pink machine is doing two very important jobs at once.

Just next to H&P Flex Rig 280 sits a smaller, brighter rig. Steve Harris, completion supervisor for Williams, says, "Hopefully when you drive up and down the freeway you'll see this pink unit and honk."

Usually when something designed to be rough and rugged gets painted a bright pink you might expect a few jokes. But rig co-owner Chris Tiller says, "There's been a few but once it's explained everybody is on board."

Tiller, who owns part of Rogue Pressure Services, says that explanation doesn't take long. "One percent of the daily revenue of this unit goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation," he says.

Fresh off the assembly line, the pink snubbing rig now sits on its first job site for Williams Natural Gas, doing two jobs, raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and finishing off a natural gas well.

Tiller says, "We drill out the plugs and clean the well out and land the production pipe, so we are the final step in the completions operation."

Tiller says Rogue will donate a minimum of $10,000, each year the rig stays working, to the foundation with Williams matching that donation.

Harris says, "It wasn't a very hard sales job to convince our management that we needed to do this. You know I've got people in my family that have had cancer I'm sure it’s something everyone can relate to."

And with the slow down in the oil and gas industry, Rogue says they are just thankful to have something to give back. "2009 was slow on everybody and Williams in particular worked with us, we stayed busy and we just want to contribute back to this community as a whole," Tiller says.

Employees of Rogue have dubbed the project "Rigging Up Against Breast Cancer," and hope the donations get bigger each year. "Actually we would like to see that number grow to $40,000 to $50,000 a year," Tiller says.

The pink rig sits just east of Parachute on the south side of Interstate 70.

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