Officers cleared in fatal shooting of Grand Junction man

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - No criminal charges will be filed against two police officers who shot and killed a Grand Junction man. According to a report released by the DA's office, two police officers fatally shot Bret Ingram after he charged them with a knife.

With a blood alcohol level of 0.304 and cocaine in his system, 39–year–old Brent Ingram charged police with a knife inside room 18 at the Timbers Motel.

According to an investigation report, two Grand Junction Police Officers fired four rounds at Ingram, hitting him in the chest twice and killing him. It also clears both officers of any criminal misconduct.

District Attorney Pete Hautzinger says, "In all honesty it was not a close call." Hautzinger says given the tight quarters and short time-frame officers did what they had to. "Under very unfortunate and difficult circumstances what the officers did was entirely reasonable," he says.

The report says Officers Allen Kwiatkowski and Issac Gallegos entered room 18 together, Kwiatkowski had his gun drawn. Police Chief John Camper says it's standard procedure. Camper says, "You could be standing there with a taser and if somebody comes out of another room with a gun, you've got the wrong weapon in your hand."

After the shooting many people questioned why officers didn't use tasers instead, or shoot Ingram in the leg or arm. Camper says that’s not how officers are trained, "It's not like the westerns where somebody is taught to shoot a weapon out of somebody's hand or something like that, its just doesn't work that way. What they're taught is to stop the threat."

The report says Kwiatkowski reached for his taser but didn't have time to deploy it before Ingram charged him with the knife held at head level.

There were also questions about why Ingram was apparently stripped after the shooting. Camper says nothing like that happened. "The paramedics had to move him out of the doorway, when they did that it does look like his pants caught on something, perhaps the door jam or something and they did partially come off. Our officers immediately went and got a blanket and covered him up," says Camper.

Both officers are back to work after the report says they acted in professional and a reasonable manner.

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