Take cooking oil and make biodiesel in your own garage

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FRUITA, Colo. (KKCO) - Imagine having your own gas station in your garage. Now imagine paying only about a $1 for a gallon of diesel. Sound too good to be true? One local man is proving it's not.

After multiple attempts at making a biodiesel processor, Guy Purcella finally came up with EZBiodiesel. It's a kit people can buy that turns used or new cooking oil into biodiesel. The conversion from oil to diesel takes a little over 12 hours and Purcella says the machine will pay for itself in under a year.

"It takes most people around six to eight months. Although if people form a co–op or get some buddies to go in with them they can cut that time down substantially," says Prucella.

Biodiesel burns 80 percent cleaner than conventional diesel and can be used in a diesel engine without the need for special conversions.

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