Second alligator sighting in two days

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PALISADE, Colo. (KKCO) - A group of kids swear they spotted an alligator in the same spot one was sighted on Tuesday at Riverbend Park in Palisade.

Well, dozens of reports of gators in the Colorado River floated into the Department of Wildlife's office after Tuesday's sighting. Officials say they've found many of those to be false reports, but four of them could have been credible. However DOW officials still haven't found a trace of the giant reptile on the banks of the river just yet.

Wednesday, a group of kids playing near the water at Riverbend Park raised the alarm when they say they spotted an alligator on the bank. They say their parents didn't believe them, but a bystander did.

"Everybody thought we were crazy. These ladies said we must be blind or seeing things. But this guy saw it too and he saw it go into the water. And he was trying to tell everyone we weren't being crazy. We really did see it," says Josie Brumfield.

The kids say prior to going to the park to swim, they had no idea a similar report came in on Tuesday. Palisade Police responded to the park and say the kids' accounts varied from seeing one alligator all the way up to three. And say the alligator was on the river bend and then circling in the water.

Regardless, the children aren't the only ones calling out alligator. Late Tuesday afternoon, a hiker on Blue Heron Trail near the Redlands Parkway, also called in a sighting.

Officials with the Department of Wildlife say a lot of animals in the river can be mistaken for an alligator: A beaver's tail, a large carp and even an otter splashing around. Officials say it's especially easy to see something lurking in the water when everyone has alligator in their head.

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