Class action lawsuit filed against Facebook

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A class action lawsuit against Facebook could land you with some extra cash in your pocket. If you received an email in the last few days from "," you could make a claim against the social media giant for using your information and tying it with advertisements.

The lawsuit claims Facebook takes users' personal information, such as your name or profile picture, and uses it in "Sponsored Stories." For example, if you "like" a businesses' page on Facebook, your name or picture could end up in a Facebook ad for that business.

Facebook agreed to pay $20 million into a settlement fund, much of which will go to claimants. The most you could pocket from the suit would be $10, but there's a chance you may not get anything if a substantial amount of people make claims. In that case, the funds would go to internet privacy advocacy groups in the US.

For Grand Junction resident Josh Anderson who received the email about filing a claim, the possible $10 isn't worth the work of filing a claim. However, even though Facebook has settled in the case, the ever evolving privacy issues on Facebook make him unsettled.

"I used to not be so worried because who am I? Who cares what I put on there?" Anderson said. "But actually, as time goes by, its unnerving to know what's out there and what people could know about you."

If you received the email, the deadline to file a claim is May 2nd. For more information, visit

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