Colorado State Patrol shares winter driving tips to Grand Valley drivers

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FRUITA, Colo. With the incoming colder weather comes the promise of worsening road conditions that puts many Western Slope residents on high alert while driving.

Snow and studded tires along with tires chains are being added to the list of winter necessities as they gear up against the less than favorable roadways of December and January.

Tire chains are highly effective during severe weather conditions but it's best to have them on your vehicle before entering a potentially compromising situation.

Colorado State Patrol has also begun to shift gears to prepare for the surge of weather related accidents that take place each year.

“We go into a lot more reactive mode in the winter because we are covering a lot more crashes in the summer we try to be a little more proactive and have a little bit more time for speeding and DUI enforcement,” says Dan Chermok of the Colorado State Patrol.

CSP officers say the best protection against winter collisions involve implementing cautious driving practice on your own.

Reducing speed, increasing driving distance from other vehicles, and making gradual maneuvers on the road are just a few things that everyone can do to make the roads safer.

Weather can often be unpredictable, so experts also recommend those that are making longer road trips during the winter to pack water, food, blankets in the event of an emergency.

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