Cyclists petition for bike lane along Highway 340

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Local bike enthusiasts are calling on the Colorado Department of Transportation to make a portion of the iconic Monument Loop safer.

The petition asking for bike lanes on one mile of Highway 340 near the West entrance of the Colorado National Monument has more than 530 signatures so far.

"They can stay in their lane and we can stay in our lane and we're within in the legal distance from one another," said Keith Kitchen, who works for The Bike Shop. "It's not off the shoulder onto the gravel or even worse out onto the dirt."

Cyclists said the area has little space for people to ride and for cars to meet the required three feet of space to pass.

"If they don't have to move over and jeopardize themselves into the oncoming lane, it's going to make safer travels for all involved," said Tom Eatwell, who rides the Monument Loop multiple times a week.

CDOT is scheduled to resurface the area next year, but the money for the project must strictly stay to repaving, said Tracy Trulove, public information officer for CDOT.

Trulove said adding a bike lane would call for an additional project and funds, which CDOT does not have right now.

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