De Beque has received over $43,000 in marijuana taxes through April 30th

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DE BEQUE, Colo. Since the start of the year, the De Beque Town Manager says through April 30th, they have received over $43,000, from recreational marijuana taxes.

Trustees with the De Beque Town Board say right now, they have two licensed pot shops in town, and two more license requests, along with one annexation that are pending.

The town is still deciding what they'll use the money from pot taxes for, but they have budgeted for street signs, extra money towards Wild Horse Days, and charitable donations, among other ideas.

Aside from the $43,000 the town has received from marijuana taxes, the town says they have also received nearly $10,000 in donations, from Kush Gardens.

The second licensed recreational marijuana shop, Elk Mountain Trading Posts, is hoping to open in the next month.