Four-legged athletes compete in flyball tournament

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Some competitive canines are resting up after a full day of playing a sport that was made just for them.

The Westside Woofers hosted its 10th Annual Flyball Tournament Saturday.

"It really is just having a party with your dog," said Amy Stampe from Westside Woofers. "Of course we want to get first place everyone wants to win."

In the fast-paced sport, dogs race each other through an obstacle course of hurdles and grab a ball on a springboard at the other side. Then, they must jump back to their owners while keeping the ball in their mouths.

"It's very high drive, a lot of adrenaline," Stampe said. "And you kind of pump your dog up to try to rev them up by being like, 'Ready, ready, let's go, go get that ball!'"

Dogs are usually trained for more than six months before participating in the sport, Stampe said.

The tournament saw eight teams from all over the region. More than 50 dogs competed in the event.