GJPD arrests homeowner that admits to setting her own house on fire

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. UPDATE: The Grand Junction Police Department arrested 48-year-old Laura Lee Sanders at the scene of a fire allegedly started at her home on Patterson Road Wednesday Morning.

After being taken into custody, Sanders admitted she had used a lighter to ignite the curtains inside the home, saying the home was going to be torn down anyway.

Sanders is being charged with fourth degree arson and two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals.

A Grand Junction home goes up in flames early Wednesday morning, landing one woman in custody and suspected of arson.

Residents of the 2500 block of Patterson Road say they're not at all surprised by the incident, and they believe the fire was caused by their grieving neighbor.

"You just never know which way she's gonna fly, she she gets so angry, just on a dime."

Bonnie Jean Sanders says she's grown familiar with the disruptive and - at times - irrational behavior of her neighbor.

Her call to law enforcement early Wednesday morning wasn't prompted by flames, but they soon followed.

"I woke up and I'm hearing her kick her door," says Sanders. "So I called the police and more than five minutes after they left, I [saw] the fire start."

"Her" refers to Laura L. Sanders - Bonnie Jean Sanders' alleged sister in law, and according to the Mesa County Assessor's Office the owner of the home at 2576 Patterson Road.

Aaron Vann, who also lives next door to the Patterson Road address, says it was quite the scene to wake up to.

"Looking out my window, and there they are spraying the house and its smoking and i wasn't sure what was going on,"said Vann.

The Grand Junction Police and Fire Departments suspect arson, and the police have one woman in custody.

An investigation is ongoing.

Sanders says the damage done to the house hits close to home.

"It hurts," she said. "It really does because i was raised on this, it was a honeybee farm."

Authorities report that the lives of two pets were claimed by the fire.

Sanders believes the fire damage to the home is so extensive there will be no way to save the structure."All i know is that they're going to be flattening it because it was bad."

Despite the potential loss of a home in the neighborhood, Vann says the events of last night could have ended much differently.

"I was thankful that my house didn't catch on fire," said Vann. "It could have been a lot worse."

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