Grand Junction community showing support and love for Delaney Clements through multiple events

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Grand Junction’s sweetheart, Delaney Clements was honored on Saturday by our community, by giving back to a young girl who has given so much love and life to our town.

Students, community members, and firefighters were celebrating Delaney at the Grand Junction High School boy’s basketball game. It was an event to raise awareness of childhood cancer, and to support Delaney and her family in this time of need.

The Grand Junction High School Pom's team danced alongside the Fruita Monument Pom's team for a special performance for Delaney. The dance put a huge, beautiful smile on Delaney’s face, as she bobbed along to the music of her favorite pop star, Taylor Swift.

Local firefighters were also on scene collecting donations from the crowd that will go to Delaney’s family in this time of need.

Delaney has been fighting a rare form of childhood cancer for the past five years, and was admitted to hospice care last month. Since then the community has been standing behind her to show her and her family that she is not alone, and that the young, inspirational girl has left a mark on so many lives.

Along with the celebrations at the Grand Junction High School, Buffalo Wild Wings is also taking part in raising money for the 13-year-old on Saturday.

According to the store’s General Manager Mitchel Mazzuca, all day long 10% of all sales and proceeds from anyone who eats ate at the restaurant went towards Delaney’s cause of fighting childhood cancer, as well as to support her family in this tough time.

“I've had an experience with cancer in my family, I think nearly almost everyone has,” Mazzuca explained. “It’s just a great cause, so that's mainly why I wanted to do this today, to help her out.”

The discount for Delaney will be taking place all day on Saturday at the restaurant. All you have to do is mention Delaney Clements.

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