CSP: 23 people arrested in Denver Rally

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Denver, COLO (AP) __ Dozens of police in riot gear are advancing on the last remaining luster of wall street protesters at the state capitol in Denver, and the protesters are retreating without resisting but some have been arrested.

Some protesters chanted "peaceful!" while others shouted
"shameful!" as they backed away from their encampment early

There were no immediate signs of physical violence and exact
numbers of arrests are unclear.

Officers were placing plastic ties around some protesters' wrists. police carried one woman from the encampment and led others by the arm.

Authorities began taking down dozens of tents at around 3:30
a.m. at about 6:30 a.m., officers advanced on a line of protesters
who had locked arms around the remaining tents. Officers held their
batons horizontally and nudged the protesters to break up the human

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