Legalization of marijuana detrimental to children

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. While those over twenty one years of age have been able to buy recreational marijuana in Colorado for a year now, it has been affecting those under twenty one as well.

Janet Rowland with the Drug Oversight Collaborative said that marijuana legalization has been detrimental to children. According to District 51 records, expulsions from marijuana have been increasing every year and almost doubled since 2009.

"Young brains are still developing up until 24 years of age so the impact that marijuana has on the developing bran is scientifically proven to be much more detrimental than to an adult brain,” said Rowland.

She said it's not just a conversation with your child about drugs, but teaching them the necessary skills for healthily dealing with situations when life gets hard. She said to also stress to your child that although it may be legal for some, it's not legal for young adults for a reason.

"Our focus is to really raise awareness to parents, many of them who may have used marijuana when they were growing up and felt like it wasn't that bad,” said Rowland. β€œTo make sure that they're aware that this is quite a bit different from the marijuana they might have used with the THC levels being ten times greater than it was back then."

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