Man tricks package thieves, puts gallon of water and cat poop in box

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A Colorado man decided to teach package thieves a lesson by baiting them with a box full of poop. The homeowner had just installed his doorbell camera.

"I decided to put one of my extra boxes, fill it up with a gallon of water and some cat poop as well as a note,” Brian Grablin said.

Friday morning, Grablin got an alert on his phone from his doorbell video camera.

"I saw a van pull up, stop and one person got out. Cops have not been able to identify if it's a male or female but they think it's a female,” Grablin said.

The note starts off by saying, "this is not your package."

"Bottom line was they're bad people and it's not too late to change their ways. It's the New Year, we're starting it off horribly,” Grablin said.

In the note Grablin lists different options for the package stealers to redeem themselves, like 20 hours of community service, or turning themselves into police.

He included his email address, so whoever took the box can let him know.

“Honestly if the individual does come forward and says they are doing 20 hours of community service, they can keep the cat poop but I want the gallon of water back,” Grablin said.

Grablin says he reported it to police, who liked what he did and they gave him some pointers for next time.

He is going to put another package on his door step to see if someone will try stealing it.