Man almost falls victim to Craigslist scam

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - There's a vehicle scam on Craigslist and it's sweeping the nation. When local Property Manager Bret Seligman put his19 66 Mustang on Craigslist, he was just looking to sell it quick.

"I will send you money to your pay-pal account now! $15,000 dollars. I'll pay all the fees", Seligan says he was told.

He says within a few hours, he had responses.

"I want to buy your car. I've looked over the pictures."

Seligan was excited at first but became skeptical after he noticed one potential buyer's broken English in e-mail correspondence.

The buyer said his name was Sergeant Ivanovic and that he was interested in buying the car. There was just one problem. He lived out of the country.

"If this man is out of the country, he has to have a proxy power of attorney", says Seligan.

He started playing out possible scenarios.

“If I put the car on the truck; If I gave the driver the keys and the title. And what if the car never got delivered and now the guy wants his money back."

Bret contacted the armed forces in Maryland and was able to get information through email.

Seligan says the armed forces said Sergeant Invanovic was a fraud and told him everything an enlisted soldier could do to ensure protection for both parties.

"They responded back that everything was false. There is no way he only has access to pay-pal. That he's out of the country doesn't have access to his account. All of this is false”, Seligan says.

With the broken English and lying about the armed forces, Bret figured it out. It was a scam.

Grand Junction Police say Craigslist scams happen more than they are reported. Police say read all the tips on the Craiglist page to avoid becoming a victim.

Experts say scams are more likely to happen in smaller communities or areas hit by a natural disaster.

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