Montrose man cuts off toes to free foot from six ton trailer

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MONTROSE, Colo. (KKCO) -- It's a story that begs the question "what would you do in that situation like that?" After his foot got pinned under a six ton trailer in the middle of nowhere, a Montrose man made the extreme decision to cut off his toes to free himself.

Though not his primary line of work, 61-year-old Jon Hutt says logging is something he's always enjoyed. While he'll tell you he's never denied it's a dangerous job, he never knew just how dangerous it could be until an August 19th trip to pick up some logs.

"So I stepped up on the trailer," said Hutt.

As he tried to unload the trailer on the back of his truck in a remote area outside of Telluride, it slipped and came down on his right foot.

"I yelled a little bit," said Hutt. "Then I started looking for a way out. I thought originally that I could just pull my foot out of there."

But he quickly realized that wasn't going to work. With no cell phone service, he tried to yell for help -- but that didn't work either. He then took out his pocket knife and cut through his boot to see if he could get his foot out that way. When he saw that his toes were under the trailer, he had a tough decision to make.

"I looked at the time frame of when I'd get help up there and I could not think of another way out," said Hutt.

He then took the knife and cut off all five of his toes.

"I'd cut until I couldn't take it for a little bit," said Hutt. "Then I'd take a breath or two and go back to work. Towards the end, I don't know if the knife was getting dull or if I was giving in a little bit, but it seemed like it took longer to get the last little bit done than it should have."

He thinks about thirty minutes passed from the time he was trapped to the time he freed himself.

"Once I was loose the relief was enormous, to know that I got out of that," said Hutt.

He wrapped up his foot with his shirt, loaded the trailer back onto the truck, and put the truck on cruise control until he made it to an area where he had cell service. He then called 911 and met an ambulance near Ridgway.

"I'm pretty much on the mend now," said Hutt.

Hutt admits not having toes on one foot has taken some getting used to, but says he has no regrets about what he did.

"I would not do things differently," said Hutt. "Being alive is a big plus. It's not going to change my lifestyle, I don't think."

A positive outlook for a guy trying to make the best of his situation.

"I'm the brunt of a lot of toe jokes now, but that's alright," said Hutt. "The insurance agent said I don't know why you called an ambulance. You should have called a tow truck."

Hutt's story has drawn attention from media outlets across the state and country. He's scheduled to appear on NBC's "The Today Show" Thursday morning.

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