Montrose High School mourns the loss of a classmate, bullying may be to blame

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MONTROSE, Colo. Family and friends of a Montrose High School student say bullying pushed her to take her own life Tuesday afternoon.

Those close to Cait Haynes say she was a smart and compassionate young woman whose high school career was filled with gossip and rumors.

Despite the negativity surrounding her at school, her best friends, Cierra Sanchez and Taylor Nation believe their friend had a bright future ahead of her.

Cait was an athletic trainer for her school's football team and was recently accepted into a pre-med scholars program at Washington University in St. Louis.

“I know she really loved athletic training and she was inspired by it and wanted to do bigger and better things,” says senior, Cierra Sanchez.

“She was just like, like I said, the kindest sweetest person you would
know, and no one really got the chance to know that because they were all too busy judging her,” says freshman, Taylor Nation.

Montrose County School District officials report that there are no specific anti-bullying programs on campus but implement a motto of “Choose Respect” into all campus and extra-curricular activities.

All of Montrose County schools are also part of a “Safe to Tell Network” that is an anonymous tip line where students can find help for bullying or other issues.

Montrose High School will have extended counseling services throughout the week for faculty and students who need help with the grieving process.

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