Moutnain Bike clinics help with safety

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. Many people are taught to ride a bike when they're young. However riding a mountain bike adds twists, turns and even some bumps to something that once felt natural.

With all of the rocky terrain and steep hills across Grand Valley biking trails, one bad habit on a bike can lead to an injury. That's why learning the proper way to ride safely through clinics like BetterRide, are now hitting Mesa County.

There is something about riding that hooks outdoor enthusiasts.
"It makes you feel like a kid again. As long as I’m on a bike, I’m as young as I feel," said Marilyn Kastens, a local mountain biker.

Honing the basic skills before you hit mountainous terrain is a smart move, and clinics hosted by biking companies like BetterRide may be just what you need to master the skills.

"When you learn the proper way to mountain bike, the correct body position, where to be looking and how to be looking, it makes everything a lot more fun and a lot safer," said Andy Shabo, a coach at BetterRide.

BetterRide clinics usually last three days. In that time you are taught the correct and safe way to mountain bike.

"There are so many little tips and tricks you don't even think about anymore. But when you’re learning, it’s good to have someone say ‘you know you’re a little too far back on your saddle for that’," said Kastens.

The clinics are for any age, and they aren't only directed towards beginners. One man whose been riding for years, traveled from Ohio to see how he could improve his riding using tips from the clinic.

“I've been riding a long time so I try unlearning some things that I'm doing wrong and get some correct habits," said Levi Beckner, BetterRide participant.

One of the most important things about mountain biking is safety. One wrong turn and you could be easily hurt. Experts say to make sure you’re wearing a helmet, gloves and even kneepads, as well as being aware of tough terrain.

Grand Junction has hundreds of miles of biking trails. Throughout the year, numerous clinics are provided to give the community the best skills in biking so everyone can take advantage of the beautiful trails offered, safely.

There are various companies that host these clinics in Grand Junction and Fruita. The camp hosted by better ride costs $719. It lasts for three days and teaches the physical and mental skills needed to ride fast and smoothly. The next camp will take place in Fruita at the end of October.

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