New Wellness House to take care of homeless with flu

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A new community partnership and 'Wellness House' will help the homeless in our area suffering from the flu.

In order to prevent the spread of the flu, the homeless population are turned away from shelters in the area.

Karis - the organization that runs 'The House' for homeless teens - began organizing a 'Wellness House' so those who are sick could get the treatment they need.

United Way of Mesa County stepped in with some emergency funds to get the project going.

"The money comes from our critical needs fund," said Honora Swanson Bober with the United Way of Mesa County. "That's set aside just for emergencies. This fits that bill so we were able to donate $1200."

"If they're not in the hospital beds, where are they at?" said Leslie Kittel, the program director for the Wellness House. "They're in tents they're on the ground. We need a place so we can get them well."

The Wellness House is in downtown Grand Junction, but the location isn't publicly available..

Those who need help are screened and brought to the facility.

Volunteers are still needed to get the project going. For more information on the Wellness House, contact Leslie at 244-0805 or by email at

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