New rules for nannies

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Some daycare centers in Colorado say the state's being a tough baby-sitter. The Colorado Department of Human Services has proposed numerous new, specific regulations for childcare providers.

"They are infringing on a lot of our rights," says Roberta Nicolosi, owner of Grand Valley Childcare.

For instance, one change would prohibit whole milk, and require certain types and amounts of blocks and other toys. "Five crayons...five paintbrushes. Those type of things," says Nicolosi.

Other laws would ensure dolls are diversified with at least three races.

"It's saying very specifically that they (blocks) need to be vinyl. So we'll incur another amount of money to buy vinyl blocks," says Nicolosi.

The Colorado Department of Human Services defends their dictating, saying laws help guard against neglect.

"Childcare programs cannot just stick a kid in front of a television for ten hours a day," says Colorado Department of Human Services spokesperson Liz McDonough.

But are rules like banning teachers from eating fast food in front of the kids going overboard?

Officials say child centers asked for the clarification. "If you say we're supposed to have adequate resources for children in care, what does adequate mean?" says McDonough.

"I think we're going a little to far. We're not giving parents a choice. We're not giving children a choice. We're not giving caregivers a choice," says Nicolosi.

Caregivers warn parents may have less of a choice in where to bring their children, if rigid rules force daycares to close their doors.

Officials are currently touring the state getting feedback on the proposed regulations from daycare centers.

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