Palisade honors MMJ center for community contributions

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PALISADE, Colo. (KKCO)--It's easy to see the nearly new paint on the bleachers at the Peach Bowl Ball Park. "We've just looked around different people have said stuff that they wanted to see done and primarily people were saying the park," says Desa Loughman co-owner of Colorado Alternative Health Care.

It's a project the town really couldn't afford. So employees and volunteers from the Palisade marijuana center stepped up to the plate. Loughman says, "The volunteers have made all the difference we could never do it without them."

Loughman says they've also painted the shelters near the pool along with several other projects around town, including helping out at the Palisade Living Center. Loughman says, "We donated boom boxes to them, they fight over who has music and they want to listen to their own stuff so we raised funds."

But one group is swinging to bring the last dispensary in Mesa County down. Diane cox with Safe and Healthy Mesa County says, "Seventy one communities in Colorado have now said no to marijuana shops and it's because of the negative impacts that they bring with them."

Cox is distributing petitions to put the future of the dispensary on the ballot. "There was no public hearing before so they weren't able to voice their concerns," she says. Cox says despite their work in the community the dispensary is a bad influence on area youth. Cox says, "They make it seem like marijuana is an ok thing so it legitimizes it and normalizes it."

Loughman disagrees and says they even hand out educational material for parents. She says, "We're not the bad guy, we're not scary we're not hurting anybody."
Cox "I think want to be perceived as the peach capital not the pot center." Despite the controversy Loughman says, "We're just going to keep doing projects every month and make a difference."

The Palisade board of trustees will thank Colorado Alternative Health Care Tuesday night at 7:00 pm at the Palisade Community Center.

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