Parts of Colorado abnormally dry in new drought outlook

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. After a wet summer season we are now below average for September rainfall totals across most of Colorado. So what does this mean for our drought outlook?

According to the United States Drought Monitor report, about one-fourth of Colorado is currently placed in the abnormally dry category. Although we are below our normal rainfall this month, most of the driest conditions are on the Eastern Slope of Colorado. Here in Western Colorado we are not in any alarming drought conditions due to our wet spring and summer.

"At this point we are sitting pretty well in Western Colorado. A little dry in the short term, but again, I see us trending toward a wetter and cooler period here very quickly," said Joe Ramey with the National Weather Service.

Climatologists say that this year is the strongest El Niño on record over the last 50 years. Normally for the Western Slope that means more rain in the fall season.

The National Weather Service says our cooler and wetter fall weather pattern should be arriving soon.

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