Plane lands safely at Grand Junction Regional Airport after losing landing gear capabilities

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A Cessna plane landing at the Grand Junction Regional Airport has landed safely, after losing landing gear capabilities in the nose of the plane just after 11:30 AM this morning.

Crews on scene said the pilot of the plane spent 45 minutes trying to manually lower the nose gear, but could not get it to lower. The plane flew past the airport tower, which confirmed the nose gear was not lowered.

According to the Grand Junction Regional Airport, there were two people on board the aircraft. The pilot made an emergency landing on Runway 4, as the pilot kept the plane back on the wheels as long as possible, then came down on the nose of the plane to land.

There were no reported injuries, and minimal damage to the nose of the plane, along with the propeller. The Grand Junction Regional Airport says crews are working to remove the aircraft from the runway.

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