Protecting our privacy from hackers

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) --- With our lives more wired to computers than ever, protecting ourselves from hackers and other e-threats is a top priority.

Over the past few years, hacking schemes and scandals have crowded national headlines, including a few horror stories involving the privacy of our youngest family members.

Texas residents Marc Gilbert and his wife use a baby monitor to keep an eye on their young daughter, Allyson; one night, they heard a strange voice coming from her room.

A male hacker had gotten into their network and into Allyson's monitor and was calling the young girl names.

"Home networks are set up so they're easy to use, and so what you'll find is most things are going to present themselves with just a simple browser," says Networks Unlimited service manager, Preston Thornburg.

Experts like Thornburg say that hacking into our WiFi and then into devices on our networks is simple for an experienced hacker, but there are ways to protect ourselves.

"Make sure you have default passwords changed to something that you know that's complex," says Thornburg.

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