"She saved his life" Fruitvale community thanks mail carrier

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO)_One Fruitvale community is thanking their mail carrier for going the extra mile.

Residents say it's because of her action that one man is alive today.

Even after 25 years on the job Rina Kopp says she still enjoys
everyday that she gets to deliver the mail.

"It really only feels like 5 years, I just love it," says Kopp.

It's a love that's palpable.

"She's just so friendly and outgoing," says resident Dan Ellegood.

Ellegood has been getting his mail from Rina for three years but says two Friday's ago she went above and beyond.

"She met me in the driveway and asked if i had seen my neighbor Bob."

"He always picks up his mail and he always is sitting in his easy chair and he wasn't and i think the door was ajar it just didn't seem right," says Kopp.

That's because it wasn't. Inside 82-year old Robert "Bob" Duncan had fallen hours before and couldn't get up.

"I tried to get out of there for 8 hours and couldn't do it," says Duncan.

Dan alerted other neighbors who found a way inside.

"Sure enough I saw his legs sticking out and I thought sure enough he was dead but then I saw a leg quiver," says Ellegood.

Bob spent four days in the hospital for bruising and an infection, now on the mend he has a few words for his trusty letter carrier.

"Oh just thank you dear"

Giving Rina one more reason to love her job.

"He's just one of the special ones I like to look after"

And the community a lesson in delivering kindness.

"We'll be keeping a closer look on old Bob from now on," says Ellegood.