Sick patients force United Airbus to land at Grand Junction Regional Airport, 1 taken to hospital

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Airport and City fire crews responded to the Grand Junction Regional Airport on reports of an inbound United Airbus with smoke in the cabin in cockpit, according to Amy Jordan with the Airport.

The plane landed safely at the airport. According to the Grand Junction Fire Department one person was transported to an area hospital for further evaluation.

Niles Emerick, a passenger on the plane, tweeted out that the plane had an "unexpected stop in Grand Junction on [the] way to LAX," from Denver. Emerick also reports the flight was diverted due to low cabin pressure.

United Airlines released a statement Wednesday morning, saying "Due to a medical issue onboard, the flight diverted to Grand Junction and landed there safely shortly after takeoff from Denver. Medical personnel met the flight upon arrival, and we’ll fly our passengers on a new aircraft to Los Angeles."

According to United, six crew members and 150 passengers were on board the flight to Los Angeles.

Courtesy of Niles Emerick via Twitter @naemerick: "Unexpected stop in Grand Junction on my way to LAX. #thatsafirst #oxygenmask"

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