State Senator Irene Aguilar visits Grand Junction to speak about ColoradoCare

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. State Senator Irene Aguilar spoke in Grand Junction Monday night about a potential new healthcare plan that may be seen on the 2016 ballot.

The plan is called ColoradoCare and is designed as a unique healthcare system for the state. According to a clause in the Affordable Care Act, Colorado legislators can waive the Affordable Care Act if they propose a better alternative.

Senator Aguilar feels ColoradoCare is the best alternative. As the only practicing physician on the state legislator she is the force driving the bill.

“Everybody pays for it and everybody has it available to them, and that is what we are hoping to do with ColoradoCare,” said Senator Aguilar(D).

If passed, ColoradoCare would replace deductibles, insurance payments and most co-pays. This would be made possible with an income based premium tax of about 6.6 percent for employers and 3.3 percent for employees.

With the 2016 elections just over a year away Senator Aguilar feels educating those now about this new form of healthcare will give them enough time to decide how they would like to vote.

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