District 51 substitute fired after sexting student

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A substitute teacher has lost his job after a 15 year old Central High School student told staff the sub sent her text messages that made her uncomfortable.

It was November 19th when the unidentified female student heard her assistant volleyball coach was also serving as a substitute teacher at her school and dropped by to say hello.

According to officials that is when the sub, who is identified as 25-year-old Jake Dombroski gave her his number and their texting conversations began.

Though redacted, case paperwork from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office says the girl felt Dombroski paid extra attention to her as assistant coach pulling her aside to work one on one and staring at her.

After exchanging numbers the text messages started and Dombroski geared the conversation towards sex and dating.

Dombroski : You know ur sexy
Student: What you gonna do?
Dombroski: Smack you.. smack your (expletive).. i'll stop now probably crossing some line

Dombroski: Well if you were 18 i'd be all over you
Student: I could imagine
Dombrosk : Why's that
Student: Because your already all over me now

District 51 officials say his behavior and the texts were in clear violation of the code of conduct and he was terminated from system on December 11th.

"We do want to know what types of behavior are going on in our buildings and if it's inappropriate we want those staff to not be in our buildings," Christy Mcgee, District 51.

All District 51 staff are required to get fingerprinted and pass a background check to ensure they have a clear criminal record.

Dombroski's record was clear and officials say they couldn't predict the series of events that took place.

That same case paperwork says a 17-year-old Fruita Monument High School student came forward on Tuesday referring to Dombroski as a creeper and alleging he gave her his number when he was a substitute there as well.

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