Taking control of life through lap band surgery

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Anyone trying to lose weight knows, that many diet plans work if you stick with them, but don't leave you feeling satisfied, making it easier to bounce back from weight loss. After years of fighting that battle, Nathan Weltmer finally found a solution he's sure will work.

Nathan Weltmer says he's always been a bigger guy.

"My whole family has that, you know... We're all a little bit bigger,” says Weltmer.

But at just 26 years old, he wasn't feeling like just another twenty-something.

“I felt so much older than I was and it was just because of weight,” he says.

Knee and back pain caused he to realize he was constantly overeating, something he always figured was okay or even expected of him, being a larger guy. A consistent yo-yo dieter, he says diet plans never did anything for him in the long run.

"Loved the whole work out scene, but I could never hit below 300 pounds, even with a trainer, even with proper dieting,” says Weltmer.

Tired of temporary fixes, he stumbled upon something that would not just change his eating habits, but his entire lifestyle.

"I needed something that was going to be for the rest of my life for my well being,” says Weltmer.

Soon, he witnessed a coworker’s transformation after getting lap band surgery, something he says she wasn't too open about.

"I’m like why would you be ashamed? That's something to be proud of, you're taking control and you're giving yourself power again to do something about your life,” he says.

So Nathan decided to take a leap toward lap band surgery. Dr. Andrew Morse performed his surgery just two and a half weeks ago.

It helps people like Weltmer feel fuller longer on smaller portions of food, changing his mindset, mood, and overall mentality.

"I wake up and food isn't the first thing I think about. I think about I need to get up and go walk the dog. Think about the things I should be doing rather than first thing in the morning, I've got to eat,” he says.

Working with Dr. Morse and his staff, Nathan says he has the confidence to continue on his journey toward health without any roadblocks getting in his way.

"It’s a vice like anyone else has in the world, its just mine happens to be food. So with their help I think there's nothing that can stop me now,” he says.”

Nathan has already lost 18 pounds. His goal is to get down to 185, which would be an ideal weight for his height and age. He says that while he still has a long way to go, It's the small victories that keep him going strong.

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