The Veterans Art Center hosts a Christmas dinner

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. It was day full of holiday cheer and gift-giving at the Veterans Art Center on Christmas...service men, women, and their families all gathered together for a Christmas celebration.

This is the second year that the community at the Veterans Art Center has become a home for Grand Valley veterans on Christmas Day.

Last year about 30 people came out to enjoy the festivities and this year's attendance has bumped up to well over 70 people.

The Christmas feast gives everyone a chance to be part of a family over the holidays.

“You know you hand them a can and say open this, and they're so excited because they say it feels like family because they get to make dinner,” says Wendy Hoffman of the Veterans Art Center.

Volunteers were at the art center overnight wrapping gifts for the vets.

Organizers say the turnout was so amazing their going to start looking for a big venue for next year's Christmas dinner.