Flight from DIA to LAX makes emergency landing in Grand Junction after at least six passengers get sick

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A flight from Denver to Los Angeles made an emergency landing in Grand Junction on Wednesday morning.

Officials with United Airlines say at least six people got sick, prompting flight crews to deploy oxygen masks, which eventually led to the emergency landing at the Grand Junction Regional Airport.

β€œIt seemed like someone had passed out," said passenger, Jeremy Kissinger.

Many of the passengers said they were confused and scared when they heard someone had fainted on the plane. "They said, hey we're going to drop the oxygen masks, and I was like oh ok, this is serious," said passenger, Christian Johnston.

"The report initially came in as smoke in the cockpit, and possibly the cabin,” said spokesperson Amy Jordan, with the Grand Junction Regional Airport.

United Airlines officials said that due to medical issues from multiple passengers onboard, they had to make an impromptu stop to get the patients taken care of, and inspect the aircraft after reports of smoke.

"The brakes hit pretty hard and everybody was a little scared, but everybody was ok, so that's good," said Johnston.

Crews from the Grand Junction Fire Department were sent to help travelers get off the plane and determine if the smoke was causing them to get sick.

"We realized right away that it was not. We has zero readings on everything, so at that point we realized it was going to be ok to start evacuating," said Shawn Montgomery, with the Grand Junction Fire Department.

Montgomery said that one person was taken to the hospital as a precaution, and up to twenty others were evaluated after they evacuated the plane.

"The oxygen masks are packed in a powder like substance, so when those were manually deployed, there was a chance that that powder could have created smoke like atmosphere,” adds Jordan.

A different plane flew in to take more than 150 passengers to LAX.

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