United Way awards Grand Valley Catholic Outreach with a grant to fund community services

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. United Way selects Grand Valley Catholic Outreach to receive grant money to fund three of its ongoing community services.

This will be the 20th year that this organization has benefited from United Way's annual donation campaign.

According to United Way, Grand Valley Catholic Outreach along with the Marillac Clinic and Hilltop, are the three programs bringing home the largest grants to finance the expensive services they offer.

The Grand Valley Catholic Outreach says the thousands of dollars in funding will go towards keeping the soup kitchen, a rental assistance program, and the day center up and running.

“When funds come from United Way along with the hands offered by our volunteers, the community helps to take care of those in distress in mesa county,” says Beverly Lampley of Grand Valley Catholic Outreach.

United Way has awarded grants to a total of 47 Grand Valley non-profits this year and will start their next donation campaign in mid-August.

They will collect donations from the community through December 2015.

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