Jackets can impede car seat safety

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) As that colder weather begins to roll in, parents will start bundling up their kids to keep them warm.

But the experts say the thick coat your child is wearing to protect them from the winter chill may actually put them in danger while in a car seat.

The concern is that the seat's harness straps won't be tight enough because of the extra padding and kids may not be held in properly.

"Especially in winter months when we are looking at kids wearing bulky jackets and things like that," says Hilltop Family First employee, Maran Parry. "We want to make sure to test based on the child, not on the jacket."

To make sure your child is safe, do the 'pinch test.' Take the jacket off of your child. Once they are buckled into the seat, pinch the top of the straps with your thumb and index fingers. If you can pinch an inch of strap between them, then it's too loose; Tighten the harness and try again.

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