Wreaths Across America

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ELLSWORTH, Maine (WCSH) -- It's that time of year again, the Wreaths Across America caravan headed down to Virginia to place wreaths on each grave in Arlington National Cemetery. The group will pull into town next Friday and lay the wreaths on Saturday.

On Sunday they kicked off their journey in Harrington.
It was an emotional moment for Scott Harris when he recently looked at a trailer with his son's picture on the side. Harris knows about the sacrifices military families face, he lost his son, Dustin, in Iraq in 2006.

Harris said he had heard about the organization from his wife and father in law who had taken part before. He said it sounded like a beautiful thing and decided to get involved.

"...My little portion of giving back, to the people that have fought for our freedom to be able to take these wreaths down there and put them on the stones" said Scott Harris a volunteer.

Sunday, a group headed out escorted by police fire departments and others. They will make stops on their journey from Maine to Virginia until they reach their final destination Arlington National Cemetery. And their goal is simple, to lay a wreath at the gravestone of fallen soldiers.

"...Every wreath that goes, and this year there will be 900,000. Every wreath is a personal gift from somebody. $15 from one American sponsors a wreath that's laid on the grave of another. And I think that's important, it's such a grass-roots program, you know? That is one person giving a gift to the other..." said Karen Worcester the Executive Director of Wreaths Across America.

Next Saturday, the group will place the wreaths on those graves.
According to Harris, An estimated 30,000 to 40,000 people will be at Arlington National Cemetery to lay wreaths.
Harris said he's felt an overwhelming amount of support.

"Just community you know, just surrounded us, held us up and everything. Everyone we come in contact with is just a tremendous amount of support" said Harris.

After Harris is finished, that trailer will be put back into service for Pottle's Transportation that donated it to the non-profit for the journey.

And if you'd like to learn more information about the program, including how you can sponsor a wreath, visit Wreaths Across America.

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