Viewing Guide for KKCO

How can I watch KKCO 11 News?

KKCO 11 News, the NBC station in Grand Junction, CO is available on cable, satellite and over the air television. We’re owned by Gray Television, an industry leader in technology that also places our newscasts on several other platforms for you to enjoy. We’re on ROKU and Amazon Fire device, and SyncBak TV just search for us in your app store. In addition, no matter where you live or where you are, you can catch a KKCO 11 News local newscast through our stream on our webpage here: ** data and streaming rates may apply.

Where do you broadcast?

In addition to cable and satellite systems, KKCO’s family of channels is available for free over-the-air. The information below is intended to help you locate and enjoy these channels.KKCO is run off two main transmitters in Western Colorado. Our Grand Junction tower site is located on top of the Colorado National Monument. In Montrose, it’s located on Raspberry Mountain, in the Uncompahgre National forest (see map). In addition, a smaller ‘translator’ site in Paiona is fed from the Montrose tower. In the digital TV world one ‘signal’ can feed several high definition channels. KKCO runs NBC, MeTV and Telemundo.While these transmitters cover a very broad area of Western Colorado, your proximity to them will determine your ability to pull in a viewable signal. To do so, you’ll need a television and an antenna. Some viewers may be able to pull in a signal using the set-top “rabbit ears” type of antenna. Others may require a larger rooftop antenna, which should be aimed in the direction of the transmitter you’re trying to access. In either case, a signal amplifier may also increase your chances of pulling in a viewable signal.

KKCO (Grand Junction)

  • 11.1 KKCO
  • 11.2 MeTV
  • 11.3 Telemundo

KKCO (Montrose)

  • 23.1 KKCO
  • 23.2 MeTV
  • 23.3 Telemundo

**Special Notice: Since June 13, 2009, full-power television stations nationwide have been required to broadcast exclusively in a digital format. KKCO continued to maintain an analog signal to viewers in Montrose County on analog channel 50. That signal was shut off in July of 2018.We recommend a signal test to ensure you’ll be able to pull in a viewable signal. If you have questions, email or call us at 970-243-1111 and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Montrose Signal Moves to Channel 23


As part of our commitment to bring a reliable signal to our over the air viewers in Western Colorado KKCO 11 News is improving the transmission signal to our Montrose tower.This will mean that KKCO and its sub channels of MeTV and Telemundo will move to a new channel.

On October 15, 2018 KKCO will move all the channels currently on 49, to the new channel 23. Some customers may need to re-scan their televisions.


KKCO (NBC) 23.1

MeTV 23.2

Telemundo 23.3

Over the air broadcast viewers who currently get KKCO, MeTV and Telemundo on Channel 49 will now get all those same streams, but on Channel 23.

Does this change mean I won’t get my favorite shows anymore over the air?

No. All the same programming and your favorite shows will still be there, just on a different channel number. Viewers who currently get channel 49 should still be able to receive this channel, and it is possible viewers who couldn’t get our signal, will be able to now!

I have cable, will my channel number change?

No. This only effects over the air customers. That is those customers who get our signal directly from the broadcast tower with a digital receiver or antenna in their home. Cable, satellite and other service provider’s signals will not change.

What if I live in Grand Junction or somewhere other than Montrose?

There’s no change to you. If you watch KKCO (NBC) over the air on Channel 11.1 or any channel other than the current channel 49, there is no impact to your viewing and no action is needed. This only impacts our over the air viewers who currently watch on Montrose on channel 49.

How do I get the new channel?

Most viewers will need to re-scan their over the air TVs after October 15th to receive the new channel. Some users may need to do a clean scan. Each television and set up is different so there’s no one size fits all approach.

I’ve re-scanned but am still not getting KKCO, MeTV, or Telemundo. You may need to do what’s called a ‘clean scan’ to do this:

1. Unplug antenna cable from tuner/TV

2. Run a rescan

3. Reboot TV

4. Plug cable back in

5. Run another rescan

Our viewer guide page has some videos and other information you may find useful. You can watch them below:

You may also find these videos helpful for how to scan/rescan for channels.

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