Ethey Group, Canada's Leading Sustainable Food Producer Announces New Partners, Puppy Gang Fresh Foods and Blank Slate Wellness

Published: Aug. 16, 2022 at 6:00 AM MDT

The Canadian food producer and co-packer fighting food-waste has acquired two new brands as part of their expansion and mission to support sustainable food manufacturing.

TORONTO, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Ethey Group is a collective on a mission to change the Canadian food and beverage space, offering sustainable and eco-friendly production and co-packing options. Ethey Foods, the flagship brand of the ethey Group, launched last year and is Canada's #1 zero-waste food delivery service.  Now, ethey Group has expanded its focus and has started bringing new brands into the group, helping make these businesses reach a national audience on a sustainable platform. The two newest brands are Puppy Gang Fresh Foods and Blank Slate Wellness.

Ethey Group is Canada’s leading sustainable food producer
Ethey Group is Canada’s leading sustainable food producer(PRNewswire)

Puppy Gang Fresh Foods provides nutritious human grade dog food delivery across Canada, and focuses on improving dog's lives through whole foods. Each meal contains only real, whole foods, high quality and locally sourced hormone and antibiotic free meat and vegetables with no preservatives, fillers, chemicals or additives. Puppy Gang's food production is ethical and eco-focused with reusable packaging, and 1% of all sales go to dog rescue agencies, making them the ideal fit for the ethey family.

Blank Slate is the only Canadian cold-pressed juice infused with adaptogens and live raw vegan probiotics. Each juice's ingredients, along with the infusions, work to serve a purpose to the consumer, helping them move, glow, heal, and be energized or calm. Their mission to provide healthy drinks to people across Canada directly aligns with ethey's goals, and they can now do this while creating zero food waste.

Partnering with these brands is just the start for ethey Group. The Gary Vaynerchuk backed business is focused on finding more brands across Canada to bring into their group and expand their sustainable platform to every corner of the food and agriculture space.

Founded by hospitality veteran and entrepreneur, Nick Spina, ethey Group is spearheading the fight against food-waste by creating a closed-loop food system and making their food processing facility in London, Ontario an incubator for high-growth, impact-focused sustainable food brands in Canada.

Ethey Foods, which currently delivers across Canada coast to coast, offers healthy, chef-prepared, cooked meals for people who want to eat well and positively impact the planet. Ethey's zero food waste cycle ensures that every single ingredient in each meal is fully utilized, from harvest, to meal prep, to compost, to seed, back to harvest again. Their food processing facility is partnered with a local onsite worm farm that they use to recycle food scraps and turn them into high-grade fertilizer.

About ethey:
Founded in 2015, ethey ethical, sustainable meal delivery company, and Canada's #1 meal delivery service. Ethey provides healthy, chef-prepared, cooked meals for people who want to eat well and positively impact our planet for the generations of tomorrow. As leaders of the zero food-waste movement, ethey inspires a healthy relationship between our planet and its people, one chef prepared cooked-meal at a time.

Puppy Gang:
Puppy Gang Fresh Foods was founded by certified animal nutritionists Sarah Tritsaris and Marisa Hoskins in 2019 with a mission to help dogs to live longer and healthier lives. Based in Toronto, Puppy Gang offers human grade, whole pet food home delivery across Canada.

Blankslate Wellness:
Blank Slate is the only sustainable Canadian cold-pressed juice infused with adaptogens and live vegan probiotics. Their mission is to provide healthy drinks to families across Canada.

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