KKCO - Parking Lot Pantry Helps Those In Need

KKCO - Parking Lot Pantry Helps Those In Need

Parking Lot Pantry Helps Those In Need

KKCO - Vaping dangers In Colorado

Vaping dangers In Colorado

KKCO - HS Football: Tigers bring experience and tenacity into 2019 season

Grand Junction will have the largest group of seniors on the roster in over five years.

KKCO - Rocky Mountain Open & Pro-Am

The 2019 Rocky Mountain Open kicks off its 81st year

KKCO - GJ Rockies: Seven run fourth inning for Ogden leads to fifth

The Raptors routed Grand Junction 14-2 to extend the Rockies lackluster August.

kk- Central High Preps for 2019 Season

Warriors face Montrose in first football game of the season and a new Head Coach

KKCO - CMU 20,000 Helps D-51 Students

CMU 20,000 Helps D-51 Students


NBC News Headlines

Florida man found guilty in parking lot shooting of unarmed black man

Michael Drejka shot and killed Markeis McGlockton following a dispute over a handicapped-accessible spot in July 2018.

Beverly Hills real estate agent accused of robbing rich and famous

Prosecutors say Beverly Hills real estate agent Jason Yasselli identified his targets during open houses, then conspired with Benjamin Ackerman to rob homes of items worth millions. Both men have pleaded not guilty.

Cindy McCain on husband John McCain’s legacy one year after his death

One year after Sen. John McCain’s passing, Cindy McCain speaks to Andrea Mitchell about her husband’s legacy what he would think of the gridlock in Washington today. “We not only have to work together, but we’ve got to be civil to each other,” she says.

More students across the country arrested for threatening school violence

A Florida school student is the latest to be arrested, after posting a message saying that he wanted to “shoot up a school” on a social media site used by gamers. Court documents say the student told police he did not have any intent in following through, but he now faces serious felony charges.

NTSB says mechanical malfunction contributed to Dale Earnhardt Jr. plane crash

According to the NTSB's preliminary report, the right main landing gear “collapsed and the outboard section of the right wing contacted the runway shortly after the third touchdown.” The NTSB also credits the flight crew with evacuating the passengers.