KKCO- CMU Women's Soccer break winning streak

Sun Oct 20 20:45:56 PDT 2019

KKCO- CMU Women's Soccer break winning streak

Mavericks lose 1-0 to Thunderwolves

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Keeping COVID-19 outside of camps is a near impossible challenge

Campers and staff promise to isolate before they arrive at camp but in several cases the pandemic has arrived with them.

Parents are choosing home-school over school at home during pandemic

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Racist, brutal past or Hispanic history? Latinos clash over Spanish colonial statues

"There's a tri-cultural myth of indigenous people, Hispanics and Latinx and white people living in harmony," says Albuquerque, New Mexico's poet laureate, Michelle Otero.

NASCAR is a rare sport that has found success navigating an era of upheaval

The stock car racing association has found a route through a global pandemic and a national reckoning on race that has eluded many other major sports.

Columbus statue toppled by Baltimore protesters

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